Power System Design

Our team of experienced engineers can help you plan, design and optimise your power system

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    Power system planning and concept studies

    Transmission and distribution system planning, power system concept option studies (e.g. on-site generation vs grid connection vs subsea cable), generator technology selection, grid connection studies

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    Power system reliability and network optimisation

    Network reliability studies, power system design review and optimisation, automatic restart of induction motor studies, load shedding system design and review, power management system design and review

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    Power system protection design, review and optimisation

    Protection system design (overcurrent, earth fault, distance, unit protection), protection coordination review / audit and optimisation to minimise spurious tripping, post-fault incident review and analysis

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    Earthing and lightning protection system design and studies

    Earthing grid design, touch and step potential studies, 3D lightning protection system design and risk analysis

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